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Vigil Honor Resources

The purpose of every Order of the Arrow Ceremony is to honor and inspire the Candidate. The resources contained within this webpage are intended to educate Arrowmen about the various methods that can be used to make the Vigil Honor experience more meaningful for Vigil Honor Candidates.

NOAC 2015 - The Vigil Honor Experience

NOAC 2012 - The Vigil Honor Legacy

NOAC 2009 - The Vigil Commitment

NOAC 2006 - The Vigil Commitment

NOAC 2004 - The Vigil Commitment

NOAC 2002 - The Vigil Commitment

NOAC 2000 - Staging the Vigil

Vigil Honor Petition with Mail Merge
Courtesy of John Durbetaki vigilpetition.doc (Word file - 326 KB)
  vigilhonorpetitionmergetable.xls (Excel file - 33 KB)


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